Terms Of Services


1. By using this service, you agree to to be bound by these Terms of Service.
2. Serpify reserves the right to terminate any account without prior warning should we suspect a violation of our Terms of Service.
3. Use of Exit-Intent Javascripts or any script prohibiting our browser from leaving a page are prohibited. If detected, this activity will result in immediate suspension, without refund.


1. Refunds are honored for the base subscription only. Upgrades, add-ons and additional services are NON-REFUNDABLE. There are no exceptions to this rule.
2. You have 30 days from signing up or making a payment to request a refund.
3. The refund amount may not exceed one month's base subscription.
4. The following services are NOT REFUNDABLE: Backlink Igniter, On-Page Optimization Service, Additional Keyword Campaigns, Remove APP Requirement, SEO Friendly Hosting, Content Writing, or any other service that may be offered. Again - THE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ONLY APPLIES TO OUR BASE SUBSCRIPTION, FOR UP TO ONE MONTH OF SERVICE!
5. Payments made using Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum or SEOCoin may be refunded in USD, via PayPal.
6. If you have any questions regarding our refund policy, please create a support ticket prior to ordering and your questions and concerns will be addressed.


1. Serpify can not be held liable for any performance issues on a computer or device that runs the Serpify Client Software. Our client is lightweight, but slower machines may have performance issues and this is not our responsibility.
2. Serpify can not be held liable for any damages based by the use or misuse of this service.


1. Serpify does not provide any guarantees about the results you might experience from using this service. Results may vary from campaign to campaign, or user to user, depending on how the service is utilized, as well as any number of external factors that are out of our control, as such, we cannot issue any guarantee specific to your results.
2. In order to receive traffic from the Serpify Traffic Exchange, you must have the Serpify Client Application installed, logged in and running on a local machine, or you must purchase the upgrade to remove this requirement. It is not a requirement to participate in the Serpify traffic exchange, but unless you participate, you will not get traffic from the Serpify network. Ranking updates may also be further delayed as a result.
3. Serpify makes no guarantees in regards to the deliverability of PDF ranking reports and on-page analysis reports. It's important to white-list reports@serpify.me, support@serpify.me, billing@serpify.me, or preferrably the entire @serpify.me domain. Furthermore, if you're using the white-label SMTP setting to automate reports to your clients, you should inform your clients to white-list your domain to ensure deliverability.
4. The only thing we absolutely guarantee is our unconditional commitment to your complete satisfaction. Should you find yourself unsatisfied for any reason, we'll gladly honor our 30 day refund policy, as defined above.


1. You are not allowed to earn commissions from a referral with whom you have shared the same IP address or PayPal account.
2. Serpify reserves the right to reverse commissions if it is found that you have violated the Terms of Service in any way.


1. Serpify does not share your, or your clients information with 3rd parties under any circumstances whatsoever.
2. Serpify reserves the right to keep all the data related to your account even after you request the deletion or deactivation of your account.
3. Serpify will use your email address to contact you from time to time with newsletters and important updates.